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Whims of Writing by Carol Eliassen

I have a whim to write   so write I will Can’t believe I am Being this still I type and I type To no avail I can’t believe it So I guess I will What says the key Can it really be An a or a y I really can’t say why I have a whim to write So write I will When night time comes I pick up my quill Some say I’m lazy And others say naught When I sit here and write I’m not such a snot. I love the sound of the keys That clank Or the pen that strikes As I sit down to write. Well here we go again Picking up where we left off Not quite sure what to write But at least it’s a start. Good night my protagonist It was good to see you again I’ll finish your scene Without you letting out a scream. The days are long And the nights too short I’ll finish your story Sometime in the morning With coffee brewed And in the mood I’ll pick up where we left off And again we will start.