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Just Keep Moving

 This is a fictional story based on true events written for an assignment in my writing class.  The ship was headed out to sea.   The coast line of California was barely visible as it headed at full speed toward the Hawaiian Islands.   Pearl Harbor had just been bombed only days before on December 7, 1941 by the Japanese Imperial Army and the USS. McCoy was being deployed to help with the search and rescue mission. The crew was still in shock and hardly anyone spoke on board as they headed out to help their fellow sailors. “Hey, Rick do you have a cigarette?”   Charlie asked. “Yea, here you go.   What do you think we will find there?”   “Beats me, but it won’t be good.   I can’t understand why we didn’t know.   How could this happen to us?   You know I had orders to transfer to the U.S.S. Arizona two weeks ago but they postponed them until they could replace me.   Lucky me. It could have been me.   I just don’t know why it wasn’t.”   “Charlie, sometimes things