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The Ancestral Trail - Finding Norway

The Ancestral Trail Finding Norway Bergen, Norway It all started with a phone call from one of our relatives in Norway inviting us to visit them in 2014. It ended up expanding to both sides of my husband's families located in Bergen and the other in Trondheim with a stay in between at the family home located centrally in the western fjords. My husband had not visited Norway since he was a small child, so this was especially important to him. I personally had not visited any country outside of the United States, except for our North American neighbors, Canada, and Mexico. We were both so excited and started planning our trip right away. Passports first, tickets second and then the fun began. What did we really know about Norway? The research was extensive (thanks to google), and by the time we finished, we felt we had already travelled there! With any local excursion in our country, we knew what clothes to wear, what to bring with us and didn't need to research much. This was so