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Love is Eternal

Love at First Sight

The first time I saw your face

Time stood still

I didn’t know why

But it was so, so surreal.

I couldn’t speak the words.

They came out all jumbled and weird

I thought you wouldn’t want to know me

Because I came off so bizarrely unreal.

You seemed to think it was cute

I thought that was something strange

You wanted to get to know me

I kept thinking you must be deranged.

You laughed at my words.

That didn’t seem so clearly spoken.

I started to sense

Our feelings were mutually beholden.

My eyes sparkled

From your reflection

I didn’t want to close my eyes

And have you deflected.

You grabbed my hand

And I didn’t pull away

You had that magic touch

And I refused to stray.

Yesterday seems like a distant memory

You’re still here by my side

I can’t believe our love

has never died.

I gained confidence

With you by my side

You lifted me up

And never said goodbye.

Others come and go

But you remained

And your love for me

It has never strayed.

You gave me hope

To believe in tomorrow

And my love for you

Will never, ever falter.

You made it so clear that

I was special to you

I’ll never love someone else

Just out of the blue.

I saw myself with you

Building me up

Telling me, I am strong

As if my soul was singing a song.

As we grow old

and before our life completes

Our love will forever be

As my heart continues to beat.

Love at first sight

Love in the end

Our hearts will forever be entwined

Straight Into eternity never denied.

Our love will win

First day through the last

Our togetherness

It will be a lifetime blast.

Let’s love each other as often as we can

because time won’t standstill

Like it did that first day

I am so grateful your love never strayed

Eternity is coming

Let’s live a good life today

Our souls are destined to part

But our love will remain.

This was first published on vocal. media as a writing challenge Feb. - Mar. 2022.


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