Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Candle

The glass plate with curved edges surrounds the red glowing candle like a castle moat waiting to capture any prey that ventures toward it.  The small, odd shaped, some would call lopsided candle is positioned in the center of  the plate burning quietly as though it is a treasure that needs to be protected.  The wick slightly curved to one side gives the flame a tilt to the right edge where it is slowly melting the side and dripping wet, hot wax down toward the gallant moat.  The flame appears to be blue at the base and gradually changes to a translucent grey before shooting out a glowing somewhat illuminating yellow flame.  The obscure privacy glass window behind it reflects the candle in a mosaic pattern and gives the window flame reflection a distinct yellow and fiery red glow as though it says I want to be different.

This was written for another writing class assignment on observing something and writing about it.  

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