Saturday, January 2, 2016

My Soul Mate by Carol Eliassen

It’s not every day that I tell my husband he is my soul mate.  It has been inscribed on an anniversary clock and I have spoken it several times but today I not only want to tell him what that means to me but to show him as he is growing older with me.  Today is his birthday and I want him to know that I cherish every day that we have together. 

What is a soul mate?  I think to be a person’s soul mate that you are in step with their life as they are with yours.  They cherish you, love you through sickness and health and truly believe till death do you part.  They are there when you need them for the good times as well as the bad.

I know my husband has been there for all of it.  When I had cancer he took me to surgeries and treatments.  He waited hours for me in boring Hospital waiting rooms and greeted me with a smile and a touch of a hand.  He listened to me once when I had a pity party and told me that it was out of character for me but he understood and listened anyway. 

I know what a soul mate isn’t.  It’s not someone who is selfish and thinks only of themselves.  It’s not someone who goes through life disconnected from their partner.  It’s not someone who distances themselves from their partner but also their family.  

It’s someone who cherishes the moments that God gives us to love that person he brought into their life.  A soul mate understands what love truly is. The soul mate celebrates the birth of a child, a grandchild or even the adoption of a new family pet.  They provide words of comfort or even silence when you need it the most. 

My soul mate worships God and the love for Jesus.  My husband prays with me and over me.  He leads me through prayer and prays for his family.  My soul mate puts God first and I’m okay with that since I do too. 

So today is his birthday and I want to say how much I love him and how much he means to me as I go through life with him.  I want to celebrate his birth not only today but everyday God blesses me with his presence and love.  apHHappy

Happy Birthday my Sweetheart of a Soul Mate!  

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