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I Can't See You

I can't see you,  

but I know you are there. 

I feel you with my hands 

when I touch what you have made. 

The world is full of your creations,

we should all be amazed!

I can't see you,  

but I know you are there. 

When I'm alone, 

I know you are with me 

I feel your presence in the air,

the water, the breeze in the trees,

the aroma from the flowers,

and the miracle of the tiny seeds. 

I can't see you,  

but I know you are there.  

I see the birds fly across the sky, 

I see the water move in waves, 

I see what your hands have made

I even looked in the mirror and saw

the miracle you molded in my mother's womb.

I can't see you,  

but I know you are there.

I hear the birds chirping outside, 

they are music flying in the sky. 

No need to clothe or feed 

for your hand I do not see 

keeps them filled, clothed, and free.

I can't see you,  

but I know you are there. 

The creatures so small, 

and under a microscope detailed in a complex look 

which only a Creator could piece together 

and not the Universe with a blasted explosion that shook!

I can't see you,  

but I know you are there. 

Complex, yet simple. 

Creative, yet complete. 

Life's origin is your masterpiece,

and all is forever unique.

I can't see you,  

but I know you are there. 

Time can go slow or fast 

with you it has no boundary.

A day is said to be a thousand years 

in your realm of time,

yet here time is like a bind.

I can't see you,  

but I know you are there. 

When our days are complete 

where our gifts are used or left to decay,

I know my Creator lives on 

with dust to our bodies while our souls long 

to stand by your side with crowns among the throng.

I can't see you,  

but I know you are there.

Let's toss the crowns at your feet 

for eternity we will meet 

praising your name 

forever more.

I can see you, 

I was wrong.

You are everywhere, and 

I know that you are not just there but here.


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